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        December 13, 2017

        You Are Searching For the Perfect Christmas Tree | Family Traditions Photography

        A documentary of the Daly family tradition of finding their Christmas tree at Charmichael's Produce in Bixby, OK. They playing hide and go seek among the pine tree forest, bought peanuts at Charmichael's produce store, and ended their excursion by settling down for a little peanut picnic.
        November 27, 2017

        You Are Family: The Hartneys in Downtown Tulsa

        November 25, 2017

        You Are Building the Future: The story of the Morgan Family

        This morning with the Morgans was carefree and easy. I arrived at their home and fell into a normal morning. Their oldest daughter starting things out by giving me a tour of their home, then books wer...
        November 24, 2017

        You Are Home: At Home with the Seay-Jones Family

        November 24, 2017

        You Are Comfort: A day in the life of the Grant Family