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        How long has it been...

        Since all the people you love squeezed into a picture together?

        Maybe it's been years since you've had pictures taken of your family, your children, or the people that you love dearly, but money is tight and we're coming up on the holiday season. Or maybe having photographs made always takes too long and is too stressful for everyone involved. 

        Whatever the reason, you've put off having photographs taken of the people that you value most dearly. 

        But you see the value in having professional images made, images with your whole family in them, images with you and kids (and maybe the dogs too!). 

        I've got something for you. A solution to the time, the stress, and the high investment. A way for you to no longer put it off and get professional images made. 


        Join me November 10, 17, or 18, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for short-and-sweet and relaxed portraits of just you, your children, your whole family, your kiddos with the grandparents, you and your love, or your pets-- just to list a few ideas!

        You'll laugh and play and hug, all while making a few images for you to frame and give as gifts, to update your profile picture, to make your holiday cards, or to hang on your wall.

        Let's put an end to putting off pictures now.

        WHEN? Saturday, November 10, 10:00 to Noon
        WHERE? Zink Park, 3150 S. Trenton Ave, Tulsa, OK, 74105
        HOW LONG? 10-15 minutes- enough time to get authentic smiles, short enough to not wear anyone out!
        HOW MANY IMAGES WILL I GET? 5-10 digitally delivered for you to print or share online
        HOW MUCH? $100
        HOW DO I CLAIM A SPOT? Fill out the form below! 

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